leiendecker 5/29/2018
SUBJECT: Re: Days 28 to 32 - Idyllwild Hi DJ, This blog, which was a random email receipt for me, appearing after you were already off the trail, is an amazing piece of writing. It reads like a novelette, and your observations are very interesting. Your style makes the blog interesting. Your Dad wrote with the same style in his blogs, which he turned into books. Your blog has an additional component...written by a starving artist, I think might summarize the feeling. I urge you to publish the entire trip as a book about walking that Trail. Stopping after two hundred miles is a great result, but the lessons you can provide others through your descriptive and inventive prose could make a significant contribution to the hiking literature. In your cook book, you have already demonstrated great skill, and now this. Many people dream of writing a novel, but really have nothing to say. You, on the other hand, have the talent to say lots of things about lots of things. I urge you to continue writing. You have real talent. Gil Leiendecker Sent from my iPad On May 29, 2018, at 5:15 PM, DJ Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail (slowly) > wrote:
Carol Hubbard 5/8/2018
Wow!  Can't wait for the blogging to start again.
Grandma Sandra 4/30/2018

You are doing great DJ, so proud of all you have accomplished.


Hugs, Grandma

Carol Hubbard 4/19/2018
It feels so cool to know someone who had the spirit to dream this walk, the foresight to plan it, and the courage to do it.  
Carol Hubbard 4/18/2018
D.J., keep up the good work.  Hope the knee survives and lets you continue.  Good Luck.