:( - I have left the trail

Hello Friends and Family!
If youre wondering what happened to me, I left the trail.  All is well, there were no major problems, but it was becoming quite clear that I wasnt going to finish and that I wasnt gaining stamina as quickly as Id hoped.   The hike from Cabazon to Big Bear was a significant wake-up call, especially as I studied ... what-next.
This wasnt a decision I made lightly.  I had every intention of writing about what lead up to the decision, but once I returned to Mexico, life took over, I needed to locate a home, etc.  I havent found the time to sit and tell the tale.  Enough time has passed where I wanted to say something, just so I dont leave people hanging.
In any event, Im ok.  Im back in Cabo.  Im staying at a friends, while house shopping.  The plan is to spend the next 10 months getting myself in better shape, then try again next year.  So, stay tuned.  This blog is only just beginning!
I will write more and I will bring us up to date, but it may be a few more days.  Ill get there.
Sorry if I let anyone down.  I am very proud of what I did and believe I made the right decision.  While I would clearly preferred to have finished it, that simply wasn't in the cards.  The hiker bubble was quickly passing me by.  I would've been alone for most of the trail ... not the best of places for a beginner.

I did try, though.  I walked about 200 miles.  Now I know more.  I know what I didn't know.  I'm wiser-er.  

2019 will be the year.

More, soon! ...


Zachary 5/30/2018

Hey man. I think awesome that you want to hike this trail. I would love to do it. If you go next year I'll go with you if you want company!



John 5/28/2018
DJ - Good for you for blogging your successes and challenges!  Thanks for sharing this trip with us!  I found your blog thru your dads - you both have a great writing style and yes a boring day makes for bad blog content for your readers!
michelle 5/22/2018
Reading your blog has been quite inspirational, including this one. You are so honest with yourself about what you can and can't do, I admire that so much. Please keep posting, you are such a good writer, I'm sure your description of your Cabo house hunt is probably interesting!
Bryan Benetti 5/22/2018

Hi DJ,

I just wanted to say thank you for blogging your journey on the PCT! I found your blog through your Father's blog. I am a lifelong Sierra fan! The games your parents made helped make my childhood, and still to do, amazing!

Looking forward to following your journey!

All the best,


Grandma Sandra 5/21/2018

I'm so looking forward to hearing all about what you will be doing in the next 10 months preparing for the 2019 hiking adventure. I really think it would be nice if you did a blog every month or so just to keep all of your followers updated.

Love you, Grandma


Carol Hubbard 5/21/2018
I've loved the story of every step.  Can't wait till 2019 for more.
sharonjp4 5/21/2018
SUBJECT: Re: :( - I have left the trail A very wise decision. Good luck in your future endeavors. Sharon Sent from my iPhone > On May 21, 2018, at 9:37 PM, DJ Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail (slowly) wrote: > >
leiendecker 5/21/2018
SUBJECT: Re: :( - I have left the trail Good for you DJ...a great Outward Bound experience....you don''t need to kill yourself to prove anything to anyone. aS long as you are happy, that''s what counts. Gil Sent from my iPad On May 21, 2018, at 6:37 PM, DJ Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail (slowly) > wrote: